Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2014 in the New World: Great new exciting ideas, possibilities and perspectives.

Will not start with a greeting. (its a new world, we don't follow set
rules but we aren't criminals or fraudsters)

To prove we are clean, we are formalising the operations of our newly
established but fast rising Open Minds Publications. (you wonder
what's all this?)

This site is run by Open Minds Publications and so does ibmatteu.wordpress.com.
"Why?" we offer thinking and cognitive services to the world through
mind boggling insights and new perspectives.

If you still don't understand, take an IQ test & find where you stand.
If you don't know how, never mind: we have you in our minds.
We are introducing an IQ & personality improvement section which will
include support services like counselling, mentorship and
psychotherapy through the Voluntary Mentorship Program.
Be inspired!

The New World will be transformed from a publications and awareness
platform to a forum. (don't ask why. Keep it for the forum)
You will log into the forums a simple mind and you will log off an
animal activist, gender activist, politician, technopreneur(like us:
@ibmatteu or Bill Gates or Strive Masiyiwa), a mentor or even a
religious guru (or even gay).
Just maintain an open mind!

In 2014 your tastes, preferences and needs (except the sexuality part)
are our focus.
Open Minds Publications in conjunction with the Voluntary Mentorship
Program will enlist the services of professionals and experts in
marketing, business startups, analysts and problem solvers.
You are lucky!

The whole idea is to open your mind to new approaches, new
perspectives, and new possibilities.

2014 embrace the New World, abandon the negativity and seeming
impossibilities and throw yourself into the New World shouting: I am

Happy New Year :)


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

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