Friday, 8 November 2013

The Mudzuri Scenarios: Analysis

Controversial as it may seem, the article by Elias Mudzuri concerning
the future of MDC-T leader and party president Morgan Tsvangirai,
shows the depth within the party leadership.

Mudzuri's scenarios are all possible in an atmosphere of confusion
regarding the role and significance of opposition parties in the next
5 years.

The MDC-T is safest under the current leadership as it stands but
there's need to start work on nurturing new leaders to take over in
Tsvangirai has done his part and like the biblical Moses, he will have
to let someone take the people into Canaan.
There's no doubt that he's contribution to Zimbabwean politics is significant.
He clearly defeated Mugabe in 2008 though like Joshua Nkomo in 1985,
he was robbed of his deserved victory.

Tsvangirai is to be given his iconic status as godfather of the
movement whilst the party elects a new leader to tackle either Mujuru
or Mnangagwa in 2018 (an easier task).
Tampering with the party constitution to give him another term in
office is clearly a recipe disaster as it sets a bad precedent for
future party leaders.

MDC-T needs to reconcile with fellow fighters like Madhuku, Sikhala,
Coltart, etc and start working on a grand coalition that will contest
in 2018.

The party seems to have taken lull.
Militant activism that characterised the party's first decade has
since disappeared.
Instead of complaining, the MDC must tackle government head on with
clear demands in uncompromising fashion.
The leadership must not only issue public statements at Harvest House
but must be visible and participate the daily activities in

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