Friday, 25 October 2013

Zimbabwe's 7 Politicians

Zimbabwe's political landscape looks simple but after microscopic
analysis, 7 groups of politicians emerge.

1. The dictatorial leaders. (Tsvangirai, Mugabe, Ncube)
These leaders cling to power,
dictate the party direction even when its unconstitutional,
centralize power upon themselves,
are quick to purge dissenters,
only turn to the people when they want votes.

2. The loyal supporters (you)
they blindly follow their leaders without reason or logic,
they are gullible enough to believe talk of sanctions, Nikuv, Western
countries poisoning food aid,
they are the condoms, usable and narrow-minded,
sacrifice themselves for their leaders for no apparent gain.

3. The 'flow with the tides'.
They follow whoever is in fashion.
They follow the MDC when their friends suggest so,
they follow ZANU PF mainly out of fear.
They are indecisive with no real political philosophy.
They are passive participants.

4. Opportunists. (Chaibva, J. Moyo, Namarare, T. Mutinhiri)
they know what they want and its not political.
They use politics to access certain priviledges which they deem
necessary for them to attain their goals.
They cheer their leaders not because they enjoy his/her talk but
because they want favours.
They are easily adaptable but unreliable for their party.

5. Independent minds. (I. Kay, Kereke, Coltart)
they are independent in thought and indeed,
they follow not the party policy but what they feel is right,
very logical, hard to please and difficult to deal with,
they are headstrong, not usable but reliable once they offer to carry
They usually indispensable even when they maintain the rogue character.

6. Passive analysts (Masimirembwa, Maisiri, Maziwisa, N. Dube)
they sing for their supper,
lauding their leaders' policies and disregarding the others without
careful analysis.
They are largely paid to convince academics and fellow analysts to
endorse policies some of which are clearly unworkable.
They sacrifice ethics and reason for the money.

7. Cyber activists (Baba Jukwa, Harvest Likis)
impotent loudmouths that spend their time pouring scorn and taunting
leaders but never putting anything into action.
They are usually cowards hiding behind pseudonames and fake profiles.
They are growing in number and influence on the internet but they
remain invisible in the real world.
They are unreliable as much what they say is based on hearsay,
grapevine and self informed deductions.
But they aren't worthless.

You know where you stand as an individual and whether you are happy
with the analysis or not, this is what it is.

For the good of the Republic!


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

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