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The real social issues that deserve government's undivided attention for the youth

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Subject: Article: The real social issues that deserve government's
undivided attention for the youth

The Zimbabwe government has to deal with high unemployment, drug
abuse, educational challenges, reproductive health and information
The arts industry and social media are also pertinent issues.

1. Unemployment.
The unemployment rate may be contestable with ZimStat saying it 10%,
economists like Eric Bloch saying it above 90% but the reality is our
unemployment rate is unsustainable.
Industrial capacity utilization now below 40% from 57% in 2012 and
companies closing, the unemployed youths are finding themselves
between a rock and a hard place.
Most are turning to the informal sector where honest living is a mirage.
Government must revise indigenisation laws and allow investment to
resuscitate the industries and create employment.
Government must also avail loans and support to unemployed youths so
they can start businesses.
Government can give land leases to agricultural/farming groups of
youths so they start working on the redundant land.
There is also need for a policy to promote and liberalize arts, media,
mining industries so the youths can enter and actively participate in
the economy.

2. Education
the education curriculum needs revision and must include
entrepreneurship, mandatory vocational and practical skills.
The high number of drop outs must also be reassured into the system
through vocational colleges and life skills training institutions.
BEAM is helpful but more funding is needed to give grants, loans and
'bursaries' to gifted but underpriviledged children.
Government must also counter unemployment by training world class
educationists, medical staffers and science researchers in hordes then
loan them out to other countries on a government-to-government

3. Reproductive health
according to the Zimbabwe Demographic Survey results 2010, 11% of
females and 4.2% of males in the 15-to-24 years are HIV+.
It was also discovered that teenage pregnancies were as high as 21% of
the 15-to-19 age groups(Female Students Network).
Youth Information and education for Behaviour Change also found out
that 16% of high school boys admitted they had sex with a prostitute.
These revelations point to the challenges facing the youth when it
comes to reproductive health.
The consequences are the high number of young unemployed single
mothers who end up in prostitution to survive.
HIV and STIs remain a great challenge and government must not only
criminalize prostitution but must also prosecute the male customers.

4. Corruption
corruption has destroyed both the economy and the moral fabric of the
nation of Zimbabwe.
Government must lend an ear to organisations like Transparency
International Zimbabwe.
The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission must be strengthened and given
a clear mandate with enough powers to execute their duties.
The government departments from the registrar's office, the ZRP, VID,
and professions like journalism have been plagued by malpractices.
Government is losing revenue due to tax evasion, fraud and corruption.

5. Drug abuse
the Anti Drug Abuse Association says drug abuse is on the rise.
The traditional alcohol and marijuana abuse are fast being dwarfed by
common medicines that are being used by the youth as intoxicants.
Bronclear, Histalix D and Maragado are some of the drugs that are
being abused by both sexes of the youth.
This has been attributed to idleness and stress due to unemployment
but government must track down the sources of these drugs considering
that the drugs are controlled medicines.

6. ICT, Arts and Media industries
ICT is growing rapidly but with better policies and financial support
from government, the industry can become the biggest employer
contributing a significant chunk to the nations GDP.

The arts: film, music and literary sectors are in ICU. Themes like
'Theatre In The Park' run by Rooftop Productions and the Amakhosi
Theatre are as good as dead.
They need immediate attention as they are necessary for Zimbabwe's
perception management in tourism.

These are the social issues affecting the youths and they need
immediate attention or the national crisis will deepen.


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

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