Monday, 30 September 2013

We need dirtiest hands, rolled up sleeves, cleaner minds and gagged mouths #SMEs +conferences #policy

Our nation and our families and businesses have not progressed because
of the attitude:
too much planning,
hidden agendas,
too much talking
and very little action.

We must become pragmatic, roll up our shirt sleeves and start working.
Enough conferences and seminars have been held and each problem has
been discussed thoroughly but very little action has taken place.

1. Start working hands-on.
Monitoring and evaluating work on site and not from an office in the CBD.

2. Say less of what's wrong but show your team how you want it done.

3. Blame less, apologise less, delegate less and do more by yourself.

Only when a plan is being executed does it become clearer to both
planner and executer.
Only during execution do the flaws and mistakes become apparent.

We need a wage system based on productivity rather than time spent on a job.
People are being paid not for what they have done but for what they
intend to do which they will never do.

Start working now, revising your plan as you move forward.


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

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