Monday, 30 September 2013

If you want something you better make noise #woza #marikana #Egypt +Syria

Most of the times women complain in salons about their cheating husbands,
men complain in bars about their nagging wives, the ailing economy,
corruption, etc.
However, none is willing to address the problem and face each other head on.

Zimbabweans have this syndrome that is why we remain repressed and
being shortchanged by the authorities.
Our problems can only be addressed if we make the necessary noise to
the relevant people.

1. Publicize your grievances and share them with as many people as are
affected. Conscientize the masses.

2. Start mobilizing and organising putting forward people who will
best articulate your views,

3. Create a signature motto and vision statement to keep you motivated
and focused on the goal,

4. Formulate a plan of action with contingencies to cater for
unforeseen developments,

5. Approach relevant authorities with your proposals and give
ultimatums and time frames to maintain your case as high priority in
their plans,

6. Be ready to take action when the ultimatum expires. Be part of the
action; don't wait for others to do it for you,

7. Remain resolute, don't let drawbacks demotivate you.
Keep fighting.
Keep negotiating.
keep strategizing.

For the good of the Republic!


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

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