Monday, 30 September 2013

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try #edison #tsvangirai +2pac +BIG

Zimbabweans are known for planning but never implementing.
Planning is our problem but implementing is.

It stems from the fear of failure.
We are arrested by fear from making the first step towards executing our plans.
Every accomplishment starts with the first step.

Makandiwa or Angel may lay hands on you a thousand times but that
business venture will never take off until you make the first move.
People must realise that many breakthrough they seek can only come to
fruition when they make the initial step.

Zimbabweans remain risk averse opting to selling the conventional
tomatoes and recharge cards when there's other merchandise.
Even if you have little, use the little you have to get more and keep
the cycle going.
The first step is the most important in a journey.

Take out that business proposal from the shelf and start working on it.
Take your singing from the shower and take it to church or to the studio.
Take out those scripts and start negotiating with publishers.

Failure and rejection will meet you on the way, but you aren't the first to try,
you aren't the first to fail or make it.
You are just YOU attempting to unleash the talent in you.

Make the bold first step today and never look back;
tomorrow you will be a different person.


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

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