Thursday, 19 September 2013

Being a better author

Tips on being an author.

Dobbs apparently has a quite different flow. We hope to do a workshop
on this at NASW.)
2.Don't wait too long to start writing, especially if your book
incorporates descriptive or narrative elements. Write at least a quick
sketch of the sensory and emotional elements that stick with you as
you come back from field reporting.
3.You're going to spend a lot of time in your head. Take care of your
physical self too. Be just as committed to that as you are to getting
your writing done every day. If you don't care about your health,
think your vanity — there's an author video and a lot of public
appearances in your future.
4.Bonus tip: Be good to your spouse/partner and protect time for them.
They're in this with you, but unlike you, they didn't choose it.


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

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