Monday, 30 September 2013

We need dirtiest hands, rolled up sleeves, cleaner minds and gagged mouths #SMEs +conferences #policy

Our nation and our families and businesses have not progressed because
of the attitude:
too much planning,
hidden agendas,
too much talking
and very little action.

We must become pragmatic, roll up our shirt sleeves and start working.
Enough conferences and seminars have been held and each problem has
been discussed thoroughly but very little action has taken place.

1. Start working hands-on.
Monitoring and evaluating work on site and not from an office in the CBD.

2. Say less of what's wrong but show your team how you want it done.

3. Blame less, apologise less, delegate less and do more by yourself.

Only when a plan is being executed does it become clearer to both
planner and executer.
Only during execution do the flaws and mistakes become apparent.

We need a wage system based on productivity rather than time spent on a job.
People are being paid not for what they have done but for what they
intend to do which they will never do.

Start working now, revising your plan as you move forward.


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try #edison #tsvangirai +2pac +BIG

Zimbabweans are known for planning but never implementing.
Planning is our problem but implementing is.

It stems from the fear of failure.
We are arrested by fear from making the first step towards executing our plans.
Every accomplishment starts with the first step.

Makandiwa or Angel may lay hands on you a thousand times but that
business venture will never take off until you make the first move.
People must realise that many breakthrough they seek can only come to
fruition when they make the initial step.

Zimbabweans remain risk averse opting to selling the conventional
tomatoes and recharge cards when there's other merchandise.
Even if you have little, use the little you have to get more and keep
the cycle going.
The first step is the most important in a journey.

Take out that business proposal from the shelf and start working on it.
Take your singing from the shower and take it to church or to the studio.
Take out those scripts and start negotiating with publishers.

Failure and rejection will meet you on the way, but you aren't the first to try,
you aren't the first to fail or make it.
You are just YOU attempting to unleash the talent in you.

Make the bold first step today and never look back;
tomorrow you will be a different person.


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

If you want something you better make noise #woza #marikana #Egypt +Syria

Most of the times women complain in salons about their cheating husbands,
men complain in bars about their nagging wives, the ailing economy,
corruption, etc.
However, none is willing to address the problem and face each other head on.

Zimbabweans have this syndrome that is why we remain repressed and
being shortchanged by the authorities.
Our problems can only be addressed if we make the necessary noise to
the relevant people.

1. Publicize your grievances and share them with as many people as are
affected. Conscientize the masses.

2. Start mobilizing and organising putting forward people who will
best articulate your views,

3. Create a signature motto and vision statement to keep you motivated
and focused on the goal,

4. Formulate a plan of action with contingencies to cater for
unforeseen developments,

5. Approach relevant authorities with your proposals and give
ultimatums and time frames to maintain your case as high priority in
their plans,

6. Be ready to take action when the ultimatum expires. Be part of the
action; don't wait for others to do it for you,

7. Remain resolute, don't let drawbacks demotivate you.
Keep fighting.
Keep negotiating.
keep strategizing.

For the good of the Republic!


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hotel Express International Company Page

New Hotel in Zimbabwe

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Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

Taking back your life step by step

1. Find out your assignment.
The problem that infuriates you the most is what you were designed to solve.

2. Set your goals.
Write down specific goals and projected target.
Magnify your future so big the past dissolves.

3. Assemble your team.
Include encouragers, cheerleaders, mentors, critics, proteges, etc.

4. Sculpture your environment.
Dominate your environs with your persuasions, dreams and ambitions.

5. Search for problems.
Look for problems nearest you to solve.
Dont move away from unhappy people - they expose flows and birth ideas.

6. Constantly ask questions of yourself.
What could I do better? Who is most important to me?
Search for answers to the puzzle you are putting together.

7. Embrace the Holy Spirit and HIS wisdom.
God never screams, he whispers.
Trust your instinct and your conscience.

It all begins and ends with you.
You reap what you sow.


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

Saturday, 21 September 2013

New Zimbabwe government not focusing on Science & Technology Development

New #Zimbabwean government has no real interest in engineering &
technology advancement.

The setup of the cabinet portfolios and the rebundling of science &
tech with higher education is evidence that technology isn't at the
core of envisaged national development.
It's unwise to ignore S & T when the rest of the world is rapidly advancing.
S & T is the one way to bridge the gap between the rich & the poor,
govt & the people, business & the market.
S & T is empowering as it creates opportunities for small business to
sustain or grow.

Instead of containing an unemployed youth populace, govt must craft
pro-S&T policies to channel the youth's focus towards engineering and
Youths will spend time researching or advancing the technology thereby
creating a hi-tech nation.

S'nT has role in agriculture, health, education, commerce & to an
extent politics.

For the good of the Republic!


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Being a better author

Tips on being an author.

Dobbs apparently has a quite different flow. We hope to do a workshop
on this at NASW.)
2.Don't wait too long to start writing, especially if your book
incorporates descriptive or narrative elements. Write at least a quick
sketch of the sensory and emotional elements that stick with you as
you come back from field reporting.
3.You're going to spend a lot of time in your head. Take care of your
physical self too. Be just as committed to that as you are to getting
your writing done every day. If you don't care about your health,
think your vanity — there's an author video and a lot of public
appearances in your future.
4.Bonus tip: Be good to your spouse/partner and protect time for them.
They're in this with you, but unlike you, they didn't choose it.


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Keep Praying!

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Subject: Keep Praying!

Keep Praying!

Scripture: ""These were [the Lord's] instructions to them: "The
harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is
in charge of the harvest; ask Him to send more workers into His
fields." (Luke 10:2).

Sometimes, it seems there is too much to pray for, and not enough
people praying. As of this writing, tremendous upheaval and civil war
are occurring in at least three countries the Middle East. Governments
in the West are spying on each other and bullying their own people.
Other people around the world are disagreeing over their differences,
while those in power persecute those with minority views or looks. How
can God work with all this? Does He care about you and the people you
are praying for amidst all this turmoil?

God Does Care

Scripture tells us, "This is real love — not that we loved God, but
that He loved us and sent His Son as a sacrifice to take away our
sins" (1 John 4:10). His love extends not just to His people, but to
all people; "God loved the world so much that He gave His one and only
Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish" (John

God Hates Evil

Scripture makes it clear that God despises when we humans hurt one
another. "The Lord hates ... haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that
kill the innocent, a heart that plots evil, feet that race to do
wrong, a false witness who pours out lies, a person who sows discord
in a family" (Proverbs 6:16-19). Instead, He says, "I the Lord love
justice" (Isaiah 61:8).

God Wants Us to Pray

Although it might feel like we're praying against an unending tide of
evil, Jesus told His followers "that they should always pray and never
give up" (Luke 18:1). The Apostle Paul reminded us to "pray in the
Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be
persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere" (Ephesians
6:18). We can trust that God will rule over everything -- from great
events around the world, to the hearts of the people you love: "we
know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those
who love God and are called according to His purpose" (Romans 8:28).

Prayer, Care and Share Jesus

* The Prayer, Care and Share Jesus(PCS) series is a guide to help you
PRAY and CARE for others and SHARE your faith in Jesus *

Expanding Your Prayer
(The "Take 5" Challenge continued from last week)

Scripture: Luke 10:2

For the past few weeks, we've been challenging you to choose 5 people
who don't know Jesus, whom you feel God wants you to reach out to. We
call it the "Take 5" Challenge. The challenge includes PRAYING for
God's blessing on them, for them to accept Jesus as their Savior, to
befriend them, and to CARE for and encourage them. (If you didn't get
a chance to read that prayer letter, and choose 5 people to pray for,
you can find out more here: Take 5 Challenge

The first part of the Take Five challenge is to pray for the Lord's
blessing on the people you're ministering to daily. Also pray that
they will meet Jesus as their Savior. You can even set aside 5 minutes
at the same time every day to pray about these things. You can do this
while you're getting ready in the morning, or even in your car.

If you make this part of your daily routine, you may start feeling
more blessed than usual! Here are some suggestions of ways you can
expand on the prayer for the people you minister to:
•In Luke 10:2, Jesus asks us to pray for workers in the harvest
because the harvest is so large. Today, with over 5 billion of the 7
billion people on earth not knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior, we need
many workers in the harvest, so please pray for workers in the harvest
in all communities on earth. This can even include prayer for people
who minister on the ground and on the internet.
•In 1 Timothy 2:1-2, the Lord commands us to pray for all people
including those in authority. You can pray for those in authority in
your country, community, government, business, church, in media,
education, law enforcement, justice and so on.
•A third suggestion may be to pray for the peace in other countries.

These are just suggestions. We encourage you to pray for anything God
puts on your heart.

Your PRAY NOW Challenge: "Lord, I pray now for my Five, for workers
in the harvest, for those in authority, for the peace of Jerusalem and
for salvation for the Jews. Help me to stand before you daily for
them. In the Name of Jesus, Amen."

How is it going?

Click here <>to
tell us about your experience with the "Take Five" Challenge, or
anything else that has touched you by using this guide to help you
grow in your faith!

Just for You

Do you want to pray like a mighty person of faith? Click the link to
learn more about the importance of prayer in your daily life in the
Sharing the Gospel with Malcolm Riley series.

Personal Help

Do you need guidance in maintaining your faith and prayer life? We
have trained followers of Jesus who can help you figure it out. Click
here to share your story with us.
You will hear from someone shortly.

Prayer Points

Will you pray this week:
• The Lord of the harvest will send more workers to His fields.
• God will let you and the people you minister to know He cares.
• God will guide our leaders and bring justice to the world.
• You maintain faith and prayer despite adversity.
• The people you minister to will accept Jesus as their Savior.

GodLife Family

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and the world? Visit the GodLife Facebook Page
where we can daily gather to share our stories, to express ourselves,
and to pray for one another!

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Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Zimbabwe ICT sector has many opportunities

Invest in ICT the only legacy of the GNU in Zimbabwe.

The GNU is past and the economy is already regressing,
food is becoming scarcer,
powercuts have increased,
water shortages worsening in towns & cities.

The ICT sector remains resilient as it keeps growing and diversifying.
The sector has not only great potential for gadget manufacturers and
traders but for the general populace.

It will solve cash shortages through e-commerce,
ease shortage of educational material through e-learning,
counter mainstream media bias through e-journalism,
bridge the gap between patient & physician through e-health,
counter the costly advertising, marketing & mobilization methods
through social networking,
help in the dissemination & sharing of information & ideas further
empowering the people.

The sector is Zimbabwe's lifeline and with investment & training, the
Republic can become an ICT powerhouse in the world.


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

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