Thursday, 29 August 2013

Way forward for Zimbabwe opposition

Now that Ncube, Dabengwa and other opposition forces have proven
insignificant, the MDC-T must consolidate its role as the only
sellable pro-democracy movement.

They have 2 options;
1. They must abandon the peaceful activism and adopt an aggressive
radical strategy even if it means incarceration.
Mugabe will work to annihilate them even if they remain peaceful.
Whilest political tension remains high, MDC only needs to provoke the
ZANU zealots and the scene degerates into a war.

2. Tsvangirai must hand over the party presidency to a new guy and
take an advisorial role.
Clinging to power will most likely result in another split.
He launches a diplomatic offensive as the new leader goes back to the
The party must make a strategic retreat establishing first an
extensive security and defence system in all districts.

The earlier the decision is made, the better.

For the good of the Republic!


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Zimbabwe in 2018

Tough times ahead for Zimbabwe under ZANU PF.

1. Government - failing to deliver on promises struggling to pay
bloated civil service wage bill.
Departments heavily militarised and blighted by corruption.
ZANU will blaming failure on sanctions.

2. Economy - indigenised, informalised, porous and unresponsive to
government interventions.

3. Health and education - expensive, chronic shortages of qualified
staff, medical and educational material.
State system defunct.
Private & informal institutions sprouting.

4. Agriculture - producing virtually no food relying on imports.
Farmers concentrating on tobacco and cotton but relying on food handouts.

5. Manufacturing - producing nothing.
Nation importing everything.

6. Financial - most institutions merged or liquidated.
Money in informal hands, manipulation of the Rand - US$ exchange rate
by forex dealers.

7. ICT - only thriving sector & alternative media.


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

Monday, 12 August 2013

A technology strategy for Zimbabwe under indigenisation

Zimbabwe's path of indigenisation will leave technopreneurs and
technovators largely isolated from the rest of the globe, investment
will dry up and technological advancement will slow down.

The nation will lose out on the benefits of technology in all sectors
of the economy and as technologists we can't allow to happen.
It needs a platform where all stakeholders come together and formulate
a strategy to counter the effects of the country's projected

The strategy will have to involve;
- synergies,
- skills exchange and,
- aggressive lobbying at policy level.
The incoming Government has a history of imposing policies upon
industry but inasmuch as we can't go against it, we must come up with
a workable survival strategy.

I call upon interested parties to come gather around a round table,
reach a consensus and chart a way forward in Zimbabwe's uncertain
technology future.


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

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