Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Zimbabwe on the path to a sham election

It's becoming clearer that Zimbabwe was and isn't ready for a July 31 election.

- bungled what they later said was an experimental registration exercise,
- bungled the mobile registration process,
- bungled the 2 day special voting,
- no confidence in the integrity and competence of the institution.

Violence and intimidation
- persists unabated,
- invoking the horrific memories of 2008,
- perpetrators promising more hell for perceived enemies,
- tearing posters and banners,
- leaders dwelling more on hate speech than bread and butter issues.

- pro-ZANU PF propaganda intensified in more subtle forms,
- peddling hate speech.

Security services sector
- meddling in electoral processes,
- openly campaigning for and supporting ZANU PF failing to separate party from State.

The July 31 elections will be a sham.
Let not one man drag us into the mud.
Postpone them.

For the good of the Republic!

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