Friday, 26 July 2013

Zimbabwe election results predetermined

The nation has been gripped by an election euphoria that's never been experienced before.

Everyone is watching as the drama unfolds.
Is this the turning point or the beginning of the worst?
A lot is at stake and Zimbabweans must brace themselves for anything.
Will either of the parties deliver on their promises when they get into power?
Will we not live another 5 years in disappointment and regret?

I may seem too optimistic but I feel there are only 2 outcomes in this election;
1. An outright MDC-Tsvangirai win after the much dreaded runoff,
2. Another inconclusive runoff leading to another GNU.

Either of the outcomes do not favour Mugabe and a GNU this time will see him as the weaker partner to the effect the party will collapse in the public eye.

It's either he knows or he is being kept in the dark like before.
If he knows then he is ready for the defeat.
He is playing the grand masters' move.

For the good of the Republic!

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