Monday, 15 July 2013

ZEC isn't capable to run an election

ZEC has expectedly failed to live up to expectations.

In a nation where more than 1 million competent youths are jobless, ZEC stuck to the old officials who failed to serve the urbanites during registration.
In a tech-savvy nation, ZEC has failed to digitize & technologize most of it's processes.

The chaotic conduct during special voting leaves loopholes for cheating and other irregularities making talk of credible elections a distant reality.
Rita Makarau and Joice Kazembe were supposed to prove their capabilities as competent women but they are justifying why the nation remains patriarchal.

This poor showing also vindicates MDCs' call for more reforms whilst heightening speculation on ZANU PF's push for early elections.
They are making us a laughing stock.

Way forward.
- Election postponed
- ZEC disbanded & restructured
- New youthful staff recruited.

For the good of the Republic!

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