Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Spy technology in voting booths #July31 #zimelection #technology

Zimbabwe has a literacy rate of 92% yet there are unintelligent pronouncements
that there are satellite antennas, cellphones and cctv cameras in every booth to spy on voters.

It's disappointing that there are people who are believing it highlighting;
(a) voter education was not done properly if it was done.
(b) we are yet to understand technology.

Zimbabwe has a majority tech-savvy young generation and an older population that is yet to grasp technology.
It's upon us as young people to help our elderly parents and grandparents understand technology and not fall for such lies.

It's our duty to bridge the technology gap and help elevate our elders to a better understanding and appreciation of the tech world.

Lets take the challenge and dispel these lies for only us can and must do it.

For the good of the Republic!

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