Friday, 12 July 2013

Baba Jukwa Phenomenon: Implications on national security

Baba Jukwa is an equivalent of US info leaker Edward Snowden but unlike Snowden he/she remains unknown or known but protected.

The Jukwa phenomena has implications:

1. There's something wrong with our intelligence and security services sector i.e. Indiscipline, lack of patriotism, e.t.c
2. Our national cyber security systems are vulnerable & unable to defend the Republic's cyber space
3. Computer experts and geeks are either;
(i) not good enough to deal with the crisis,
(ii) or able to expose or stop him/her but are not doing it purportedly for the good of the Republic.

Whichever is the case, the Republic's security and all major political players are at the mercy of unknown or known but protected holders and manipulators of sensitive information and state secrets.

Something must be done.

For the good of the Republic.

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