Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Contemplations (excerpt)

The rejection by both Joshua and Tambu did not go down well with Danny.
He had not envisaged a scenario where some of the most influential ex-combatants had blatantly refused to endorse his candidacy.
His money and charm had won him over the women's league and the largely suppressed youth league but not over the war veterans.

The old guard had stuck to their fellow freedom fighter: the incumbent MP who had represented the area since 1990. Danny realised then that what he faced was much more than a political opportunity but a philosophy so ingrained in it's founders to the effect they would die for it.
It began to clear to him that the challenge he faced was what the MDC was facing.
The ex-combatants trusted nobody but their own and no matter how much he spent on them, as long as he had no liberation war credentials; he wasn't part of them....

.......excerpt from the book CONTEMPLATION

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