Friday, 10 May 2013

Technovation can save Zimbabwe's educational sector. #e-books...

Technovation can save Zimbabwe's educational sector. #e-books #e-learning #education

The digital age can help us eliminate shortcomings within our education system if we are innovative enough.

E-books can help reduce the child to book, CB ratio as kids access and download books and other research material. EcoCash can be used as a payment system in buying e-books which are then sent to the user in a format compatible with the user's device.

E-learning will allow the teachers and tutors to reach students in their homes and help with homework, assignments and extra lessons. Holiday lessons and vacation school can eventually be eliminated altogether.

Audio-Visual aids like live radio or television and recorded material will help reduce the gap between advanced and advancing schools. Such tutorials help the teacher to come up with new ideas.

Technovation is key for African education.

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