Thursday, 25 April 2013

Environmentally Sound Technologies, ESTs the only panacea...

Environmentally Sound Technologies, ESTs the only panacea to world's waste management woes.

The world started mass production in the 19th century and ever since the tonnage of mass produced goods has been rising.
The high production has survived by fueling consumerism which has seen individuals amassing wares as personal items.
The biggest problem with this model is disposing these items when they are no longer needed.

In industrialized countries this has been partially dealt with by using recyclable or bio-degradable materials in production but the technologies i.e. ESTs remain costly and so unattractive to industrialists.

The way forward is for governments to not only incentivise the adoption of ESTs but to make binding policies that compel industrialists, fellow governments and trade blocs to adopt them as they are the only way to deal with our ever increasing waste.

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