Thursday, 14 February 2013

Zimbabwe's State Broadcaster is sick. I have just...

Zimbabwe's State Broadcaster is sick.

I have just wasted 30 minutes watching a program called Spotlight in which the dull presenter Admire Mhungu was supposed (but failing) to interview a political analyst Psychology Maziwisa (just another Border Gezi graduate) on the issue between ZANU PF's Indigenisation & Empowerment and MDC's JUICE proposals.

What a pity! The analyst could not even analyse either of the proposals, fanatically repeating the tired ZANU PF chants and denigrating the MDC.
I doubt if the young man ever reached A'Level considering the way he repeatedly failed to answer questions (or suggestions) that were being put across by the dull presenter.

If this analyst and the presenter are a representation of the kind of people that are regular on national TV, then both ZANU PF and ZTV are doomed to fail.

We definitely need media reforms (sacking of all the current staff).

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