Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Draft Constitution: Why the rush? Zimbabwe's leaders...

The Draft Constitution: Why the rush?

Zimbabwe's leaders know more than we know about the contents of our constitution and are keen on tricking us into accepting it before we find out the truth.

If they say they don't have enough money to print adequate copies of the draft, why are they in a rush to have the referendum within a month from now?
It means some people will only get a copy of the draft after they have already voted.

The referendum is supposed to be a time when we decide as Zimbabweans whether we want the draft or not.
How then can we decide before we grasp or understand [are we that stupid?]
How do they expect us to vote for what we don't know?
The argument that the draft is a reflection of what we said is a lie: the draft is a political compromise.

Zimbabweans need enough time to read, understand and decide on this draft.
It should be by the people,
for the people
not the opposite.

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