Friday, 8 February 2013

The 3rd Constituency In 2008, less than 2.5million...

The 3rd Constituency

In 2008, less than 2.5million of the 5.4million registered voters bothered to cast their ballot.
This translates to just 20.8% of the population.

The reason for the apathy being the parties' failure to entice the people.
1. ZANU PF, ZAPU (republicans) appeal to a nationalist and Pan-African constituency that keeps looking back.
2. MDCs, MKD (democrats) appeal to the liberals, human rights activists and progressive professionals.
3. The 3rd Constituency represents those too young to understand the Chimurenga & empowerment and too skeptical to believe that corruption and unemployment will end by voting someone into power.

These are the Facebook generation
(i) too informed to buy propaganda,
(ii) independent minds that don't enjoy following,
(iii) too ambitious to wait for a better tomorrow when they can better their lives by themselves.

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