Thursday, 14 February 2013

Enough! #OneBillionRising It spells doom that in the...

Enough! #OneBillionRising

It spells doom that in the 21st Century, there is are remnants of the primitive men within our civilised society who are still have problems controlling their animalistic urges.

There's still men who rely on physical and emotional power and terror on women to earn respect and satisfy their evil passions.
There still exists a crop of men who don't know how to show their affection to women.
There are still men who haven't yet accepted women as their equals.

It's time we who claim to be civilised [men and women], wake up to the sad reality that it's not all of us who appreciate gender balance and it's time we rise up against this reality and say, "Enough!"

It was in the news in India and South Africa,
tomorrow it's your mum, sister, wife or daughter under your roof.

Don't silence the victims, let their experiences inspire you to stop the scourge.


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