Thursday, 21 February 2013

Zimbabwe's Draft Constitution crafted by primitive caveman. The...

Zimbabwe's Draft Constitution crafted by primitive caveman.

The draft is disappointingly silent on issues of science and technological development. It shows that our leaders have very little regard for science and technology. The architects of the document concentrate on the issue of political power which exposes their primitive minds.

Its baffling to see a 21st Century constitution that's so mum on science and technology. It's now clear that the fight for political control is all that our leaders have in their minds.

God save our nation from these power hungry leaders.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Draft Constitution: Why the rush? Zimbabwe's leaders...

The Draft Constitution: Why the rush?

Zimbabwe's leaders know more than we know about the contents of our constitution and are keen on tricking us into accepting it before we find out the truth.

If they say they don't have enough money to print adequate copies of the draft, why are they in a rush to have the referendum within a month from now?
It means some people will only get a copy of the draft after they have already voted.

The referendum is supposed to be a time when we decide as Zimbabweans whether we want the draft or not.
How then can we decide before we grasp or understand [are we that stupid?]
How do they expect us to vote for what we don't know?
The argument that the draft is a reflection of what we said is a lie: the draft is a political compromise.

Zimbabweans need enough time to read, understand and decide on this draft.
It should be by the people,
for the people
not the opposite.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Zimbabwe's State Broadcaster is sick. I have just...

Zimbabwe's State Broadcaster is sick.

I have just wasted 30 minutes watching a program called Spotlight in which the dull presenter Admire Mhungu was supposed (but failing) to interview a political analyst Psychology Maziwisa (just another Border Gezi graduate) on the issue between ZANU PF's Indigenisation & Empowerment and MDC's JUICE proposals.

What a pity! The analyst could not even analyse either of the proposals, fanatically repeating the tired ZANU PF chants and denigrating the MDC.
I doubt if the young man ever reached A'Level considering the way he repeatedly failed to answer questions (or suggestions) that were being put across by the dull presenter.

If this analyst and the presenter are a representation of the kind of people that are regular on national TV, then both ZANU PF and ZTV are doomed to fail.

We definitely need media reforms (sacking of all the current staff).

Enough! #OneBillionRising It spells doom that in the...

Enough! #OneBillionRising

It spells doom that in the 21st Century, there is are remnants of the primitive men within our civilised society who are still have problems controlling their animalistic urges.

There's still men who rely on physical and emotional power and terror on women to earn respect and satisfy their evil passions.
There still exists a crop of men who don't know how to show their affection to women.
There are still men who haven't yet accepted women as their equals.

It's time we who claim to be civilised [men and women], wake up to the sad reality that it's not all of us who appreciate gender balance and it's time we rise up against this reality and say, "Enough!"

It was in the news in India and South Africa,
tomorrow it's your mum, sister, wife or daughter under your roof.

Don't silence the victims, let their experiences inspire you to stop the scourge.


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

F.E.A.R Group Unaudited quarterly financial results for period...

F.E.A.R Group
Unaudited quarterly financial results for period ending 13 February 2012

Group President's Statement

1. Financial Performance
The Group's revenue achieved a favorable growth of 5%.
EBITDA fell by 0.3 % to 17.7%.
Debt to Equity ratio remained unchanged at 12%.

2. Corporate Social Investment
The group continued with the drive to assist the youth in Engineering Entrepreneurship which is being run through the Technology Initiative Africa, TIA scheme.

3. Outlook
Group seeks to consolidate its foothold in Research and Design and continues in its drive in establishing partnerships and consortia in the region.

4. Appreciation
I express my heartfelt appreciation to our strategic partners, management, staff, customers and other stakeholders for their commitment towards our shared values and vision.

Ittai Bryan
Group President
13 November 2012

Monday, 11 February 2013

The short tumultuous reign of +pope #benedict...

The short tumultuous reign of +pope #benedict XVI.

It was a bold decision by the pope to retire after almost 8 years at the helm as Bishop of Rome, the Successor of Simon Petros.
One of the most influential theologians of our generation, an excellent writer and guardian of the Catholic traditions, The Holy Father Benedict will always be remembered for reaching out to other religions and his endeavours to reach out to the young people.

Though he did not solve all the Church's challenges in the 21st century, he has left some groundwork on the way forward for the Church of Christ. voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra...

Friday, 8 February 2013

Happy birthday mum. May the good Lord give...

Happy birthday mum.

May the good Lord give you many more years.
May he award you for the many years of hard work and dedication.

The 3rd Constituency In 2008, less than 2.5million...

The 3rd Constituency

In 2008, less than 2.5million of the 5.4million registered voters bothered to cast their ballot.
This translates to just 20.8% of the population.

The reason for the apathy being the parties' failure to entice the people.
1. ZANU PF, ZAPU (republicans) appeal to a nationalist and Pan-African constituency that keeps looking back.
2. MDCs, MKD (democrats) appeal to the liberals, human rights activists and progressive professionals.
3. The 3rd Constituency represents those too young to understand the Chimurenga & empowerment and too skeptical to believe that corruption and unemployment will end by voting someone into power.

These are the Facebook generation
(i) too informed to buy propaganda,
(ii) independent minds that don't enjoy following,
(iii) too ambitious to wait for a better tomorrow when they can better their lives by themselves.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Put more Science and Maths into our...

Put more Science and Maths into our education curriculum.

Zimbabwe just as any African lags behind in terms of technology the reason being there is very little appreciation of science and maths as a subjects.

Most students leave high school with limited options because they don't have science and maths.
Inasmuch as it is inconveniencing the students, the nation is the biggest loser; losing a potential scientist or technologist in every student that fails the subjects.

Our science and technology policy needs to be radical so we revolutionize our society from a peasant agriculture based economy to a tech savvy economy in one generation.

If we start today we achieve tomorrow. We need to put politics aside and undo the blinkers that have for so long held us back from embracing technology as the backbone of our development.

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