Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Integrated Waste Management in Africa. by Technology Initiative...

Integrated Waste Management in Africa.

by Technology Initiative Africa

Zimbabwe like the rest of the African countries is grappling with the problem of environmental degradation leading to global warming and consequently climate change.

One of the major causes of the degradation is poor waste management.
Streets and hoods are littered with both bio-degradable which rot in heaps &non-bio-degradables that are incinerating creating even more pollution.

(i) dealing with bio-degradable waste;
- compost heaps,
- biogas digestors.

(ii) dealing with non-bio-degradable waste;
- recycling,
- reusing,
- burying underground.

These are methods used at a household level where not much technology is required.

It takes WILL to adopt, implement and maintain a green environment.
The green campaign starts with us and ends with us.
Resources only help us achieve what we have determined by our own minds.

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