Thursday, 17 January 2013

Faith and Reason. "Si comprehendis, nonest Deus"...."If you...

Faith and Reason.

"Si comprehendis, nonest Deus"...."If you understand it, its not God"

Science explores the universe.
But God is greater than the universe.
Many scientists have tried to prove God's existence or non existence.
Science is based on human curiosity,
but faith has beginning in God, its not a result of intensive ascetical practices,
God is not a mere subject of scientific research.

None can scientifically prove that Jesus was God's Son and no DNA test can prove otherwise.
God is beyond reason and beyond proof.

We can predict the behaviour of metals and come up with Laws and Principles that bind matter's arrangement and patterns but all these reach a limit when we try to define and study God based on these Laws.
We are images of God, if we don't understand ourselves then how do we expect to explain HIM who created us.

Happy are those that believe without seeing.

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