Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Integrated Waste Management in Africa. by Technology Initiative...

Integrated Waste Management in Africa.

by Technology Initiative Africa

Zimbabwe like the rest of the African countries is grappling with the problem of environmental degradation leading to global warming and consequently climate change.

One of the major causes of the degradation is poor waste management.
Streets and hoods are littered with both bio-degradable which rot in heaps &non-bio-degradables that are incinerating creating even more pollution.

(i) dealing with bio-degradable waste;
- compost heaps,
- biogas digestors.

(ii) dealing with non-bio-degradable waste;
- recycling,
- reusing,
- burying underground.

These are methods used at a household level where not much technology is required.

It takes WILL to adopt, implement and maintain a green environment.
The green campaign starts with us and ends with us.
Resources only help us achieve what we have determined by our own minds.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Faith and Reason. "Si comprehendis, nonest Deus"...."If you...

Faith and Reason.

"Si comprehendis, nonest Deus"...."If you understand it, its not God"

Science explores the universe.
But God is greater than the universe.
Many scientists have tried to prove God's existence or non existence.
Science is based on human curiosity,
but faith has beginning in God, its not a result of intensive ascetical practices,
God is not a mere subject of scientific research.

None can scientifically prove that Jesus was God's Son and no DNA test can prove otherwise.
God is beyond reason and beyond proof.

We can predict the behaviour of metals and come up with Laws and Principles that bind matter's arrangement and patterns but all these reach a limit when we try to define and study God based on these Laws.
We are images of God, if we don't understand ourselves then how do we expect to explain HIM who created us.

Happy are those that believe without seeing.

Technology: Africa's Lifeline by Technology Initiative Africa Africa...

Technology: Africa's Lifeline


Technology Initiative Africa

Africa as a continent is blighted by numerous political and socio-economic challenges. The 1 billion strong continent is faced with perennial poverty which is a direct result of:
(i) underutilisation of resources due to lack of adequate technology;
(ii) unequal distribution of resources as the poverty gap keeps widening;
and (iii) poor resource management and lack of planning.

In answer to underutilisation of resources, Africa must adopt and implement a radical pro-technology policy.
Our natural resources are extracted, marketed, processed by foreigners because we have no established technopreneurial base.
They know more on how to extract and utilise our ores than us. They know more of the amount of wealth we are sitting on.

Its time Africa adopts a technopreneurial strategy in fighting poverty.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy are those that return from the...

Happy are those that return from the holiday without scars.

Hallo. How was yo holidays?
I bet you had a great time.
I did enjoy and I'm satisfied with what I did.
I have great memories to cherish and no scars to remind me of misadventure.

Welcome to 2013, hope you have a prosperous year.

God willing.

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