Saturday, 24 November 2012

Engineering Entrepreneurship part 3 cont... The 5 stages...

Engineering Entrepreneurship part 3 cont...

The 5 stages in developing an entrepreneurial initiative

1. Look at the given situation, system or trend in a school, community, workplace, church, nation, city, etc.

Zimbabwe has an energy crisis, the rural folk still have to travel to major cities and towns to access basic services, job seekers roam the streets in search of jobs, both government and corporates are losing millions due to corruption, music artists suffer low sales due to piracy.

Harare and Bulawayo have persistent water problems, farmers still rely on manual labour and animal draft power, fertilizer remains scarce and expensive, market data on commodity prices remains unavailable, burglary rises during public holidays.

To ordinary Zimbabweans, the problems can only be solved politically. However, technologists have more answers to these problems than the politicians.


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