Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The "Victim" mentality 1. Why me? At this stage...

The "Victim" mentality

1. Why me?
At this stage you are in self denial, believing yourself a victim and always unfairly treated. You seek justice by transferring your hurt on to others. You are more concerned with your pain and everyone else is insignificant. You are a self-centred attention seeker.

2. Blame game
At this stage you distance yourself from the misfortune or pain. You start believing that you are as good as you were before the mishap and you put the blame on others; family, doctor, teacher, demons, etc. You pour scorn on the scapegoat and make them want to feel your full wrath. You are now vengeful. Student blames teacher, wife blames husband, etc.

3. Loss of self-control
Your life starts spiraling out of control. Drug abuse, alcoholism, religious fanaticism, etc, take over and you blame it all on the scapegoat. You are sliding unwittingly to the bottom of the trash can.

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