Monday, 20 August 2012

Kirsty Coventry must be honored with a title

From Athens to Beijing to London, Zimbabwe's hopes were mainly pinned on one individual in Kirsty coventry.
As expected, she hauled gold and silver medals in Athens.
Yes she returned to a befitting welcome and was to be honored as the spokesperson of the year.
Kirsty returned to Beijing with two goals; to defend her titles and to fly Zimbabwe's flag once again.
The champion defended her titles and entered the history books with that achievement. The Zimbabwean flag flew high and the anthem was played to the delight of the "patriots".
We basked in glory.
Kirsty was to return to London after a tumultous preparation year.
Injuries and lack of support had downed her spirits but kirsty soldiered on.
The London Olympics didn't go well for her and Zimbabwe came back empty handed.
Judging from her record, any patriotic Zimbabwean must not only be applauded but be honored with a title as Zimbabwe Olympic Champion.

Kind Regards
Ittai Bryan

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