Thursday, 16 August 2012

Clinton's African safari

In eleven days the American Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had perused through Africa, meeting Sudans' presidents Al Bashir and Kir, Malawi's Joyce Banda, Nelson Mandela, attending the funeral of Ghana's Atta Mills.

Clinton also had a message for Africa's autocratic leaders. In the message she urged the leaders to embrace democracy. The message will obviously fall on deaf ears as most African governments cant take advice.

Clinton also promised Africa with more trade agreements and developmental assistance. This is key to encouraging democracy and promoting human rights. With more trade comes more interaction and the growth of an enlightened middle class.
The middle class is more informed and so more empowered to fight and defend their rights. This is the class that has led most of mordern day revolutions.

Clinton must take that message back home that if America allows more trade with Africa, democracy will win.

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