Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Patience, persistence & prayer

It needs patience, persistence and prayer for one to come up with something meaningful in this life we live.

People tend to lose patience and abandon their ways to try out new things. The failure to wait results in a circus as the individual moves like a rolling stone.
The patient remain steadfast, cool and composed.
To others their life looks easy.

Persistence is key to success.
We get better as we keep trying, pushing harder and harder, never tiring.
The results sometimes come after a long period of trials.
Sometimes we only get to do it right through experience as we try and fail more than a thousand times.

Prayer is not only talking to God.
Prayer in meditative form helps us to relax and cool down till we begin to note our mistakes.
Prayer gives us hope by knowing that there is a Supreme Being who is on our side.
It gives us the confidence that there is a greater force behind us.


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