Sunday, 22 July 2012

e-learning on the rise in Africa

The education system in Africa may still be donor funded but there is an emerging class of Africans that have embraced technology to the extent of adopting e-learning.

There is a middle class that is growing in Africa that is moving with the times.

Governments may be having challenges in funding e-learning programs but other groups have organised themselves and adopted the trend especially in private or trust schools.

This is an opportunity for service providers to chip in and advance technology.
There is great potential in Rwanda, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe where there are very literate and up-to-date populations that want to move with the times.

The appetite for education is unquestionable and the need for resources is undoubted.
With more investment in ICT, e-learning will one day become a basic right and not a luxury.

Its time to take up the opportunity and embrace the technology of the future.


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