Monday, 16 July 2012

Africa: Obama or Romney?

As the presidential debates over the next White House occupant heats up in the States, Africa watches through skeptical lenses.

When Obama became president, Africa had high hopes that ties with America were going to improve.
He made the effort but Africa feels let down by their "son".
Now that he wants a second chance Africa is not decided on whether to dump him or keep him.

Mitt Romney the Republican candidate is unknown in Africa and has no significant contacts with Africa.
He was recently booed by African-Americans in Utah which proves his disconnect with Africa.

Obama was the best candidate for Africa but he didnt live up to expectations.
Romney is not well connected with Africans and may even undo the little that Obama did.

To preserve black pride, africa will be obliged to stick to Obama.
Better still, if given a second chance, Obama may become more adventurous and finally deliver to Africa what was expected of him.

Still Obama.


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