Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The EMPTY seats at the Olympics

Its a big yawn to find out that a big event such as the Olympics can
be mired into unnecessary controversy.

The focus of attention should be the sport and the athletes but
suddenly the issue of empty seats has stolen the limelight.

Whether its a case of poor organisation or fraud, the people
responsible should be prosecuted.
Those responsible have brought the Olympics into disrepute.

A positive is the participation of women.
Even countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia have finally allowed their
women to participate. Women are now participating in boxing.

There is a lot of good fun and excitement at the Olympics but the
empty seats have created a big problem for some of us.


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Patience, persistence & prayer

It needs patience, persistence and prayer for one to come up with something meaningful in this life we live.

People tend to lose patience and abandon their ways to try out new things. The failure to wait results in a circus as the individual moves like a rolling stone.
The patient remain steadfast, cool and composed.
To others their life looks easy.

Persistence is key to success.
We get better as we keep trying, pushing harder and harder, never tiring.
The results sometimes come after a long period of trials.
Sometimes we only get to do it right through experience as we try and fail more than a thousand times.

Prayer is not only talking to God.
Prayer in meditative form helps us to relax and cool down till we begin to note our mistakes.
Prayer gives us hope by knowing that there is a Supreme Being who is on our side.
It gives us the confidence that there is a greater force behind us.


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Monday, 23 July 2012

Your Judgment Day

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Your Judgment Day

Scripture: "Stop judging, and you will never be judged. Stop
condemning, and you will never be condemned. Forgive, and you will be
forgiven." (Luke 6:37)

Don't Judge Me

Don't you hate being judged? Ugh, I hate it. In fact, I go to great
lengths to avoid it, but still I feel like others are always focusing
on my flaws. You know, judgment is a soul toxin, maybe one of the
worst. I might compare it to drinking lead; it just sits there in your
soul like a weight, poisoning everything. But today, Jesus is giving
you the remedy to avoid being judged, one you might not have heard. In
fact, if you're like me, you might have been doing just the opposite,
unknowingly heaping more and more judgment in your life. But today we
can start to reverse that. So first, I need you to answer a question
for me...

Answer This

If you were facing a trial and had the option of being either in the
defendant's shoes (the one being judged) or the prosecutor's shoes
(the one doing the judging), which would you choose? If you were me,
you would choose the prosecutor's chair, because that is the one safe
from judgment, right? WRONG. Jesus said it's actually the opposite.
And I want you to read a story with me to prove it.

"The scribes and the Pharisees brought a woman who had been caught
committing adultery. They made her stand in front of everyone and
asked Jesus, 'Teacher, we caught this woman in the act of adultery. In
his teachings, Moses ordered us to stone women like this to death.
What do You say?' They asked this to test Him. They wanted to find a
reason to bring charges against Him. Jesus bent down and used His
finger to write on the ground. When they persisted in asking Him
questions, He straightened up and said, "The person who is sinless
should be the first to throw a stone at her." Then He bent down again
and continued writing on the ground. One by one, beginning with the
older men, the scribes and Pharisees left. Jesus was left alone with
the woman. Then Jesus straightened up and asked her, "Where did they
go? Has anyone condemned you?" The woman answered, "No one, Sir."
Jesus said, "I don't condemn you either. Go! From now on don't sin."
(John 8:3-11)

Let It Sink In

Imagine that you're her. Think of your worst sin, the thing you most
desperately want to keep from other people. I know I have mine. Now
imagine that all the authorities in your life have brought you to face
your punishment before God and everyone else. How do you feel?
Probably like me, terrified! But then instead, Jesus gets down off of
the Judge's chair, walks over to your accusers, and says, "Well, which
one of you are perfect? You can be the one to cast the judgment." And
then one by one, they drop their charges. Then He walks over to you,
and He says-and this is actually what He is saying to you
now-"I don't condemn you either. Go and be free of your sin."

Judge Not, and You Will Not Be Judged

You see, out of all the people in the story with Jesus, only one
received His forgiveness-the one facing judgment, not casting
it. As long as you are in the judgment seat, Jesus says you are
actually going to receive it the most! "Do not judge, or you too will
be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged,
and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." (Matthew
7:1-2) It's like you are trying to dig your way out of a ditch, but
with every pile of dirt you shovel out, one more is piled in. That's
what happens when you judge others. In fact, Jesus goes on to say that
the bad you see in others are actually your own flaws: "Why do you
look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no
attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your
brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all
the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take
the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove
the speck from your brother's eye." (Matthew 7:3-5) It's like
you were sitting in your house, noticing everyone's flaws out the
window, but what you don't realize is that you're not looking at a
window, but a mirror. And every judgment you cast on "others" is
actually one you're casting on yourself.

The Remedy

So what's the remedy? The antidote to judgment is actually mercy.
That's what Jesus showed with the adulterous woman. Actually I
shouldn't call her that; I should more rightly call her the forgiven
woman. Because when she was at her lowest, Jesus showed her mercy, and
it gave her forgiveness. The Bible says, "Mercy triumphs over
judgment." (James 2:13) In a fighting match, mercy is stronger than
judgment. So if you are feeling clogged up with judgment-for yourself
and for others-God wants you to take a mercy pill. He wants you to
first accept the mercy He is offering you, and then start to give it
to others. He wants you to put yourself in the position of the
adulterous woman and not in the position of her judges. Because as you
give mercy, you will receive it in return.

Take A Mercy Pill

Take God's mercy pill today...and start to take it everyday. Every
time you start to judge someone, just pause and take a dose of God's
mercy instead. Think of how many of your flaws Jesus has forgiven. Let
it flow through your soul and touch others in return. For example,
today I was at the grocery store, and started to judge the woman in
front of me. But then I started to think instead of all the good
things about her, and I started to feel mercy for myself too! It's the
same for you: you can start to live a life of mercy for yourself and
others. If you want to receive God's mercy and start to give it to
others in return, just tell Him. He will give you what you ask! Let's
start to get rid of the soul toxin of judgment! Help us God!

We love you!

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Sunday, 22 July 2012

e-learning on the rise in Africa

The education system in Africa may still be donor funded but there is an emerging class of Africans that have embraced technology to the extent of adopting e-learning.

There is a middle class that is growing in Africa that is moving with the times.

Governments may be having challenges in funding e-learning programs but other groups have organised themselves and adopted the trend especially in private or trust schools.

This is an opportunity for service providers to chip in and advance technology.
There is great potential in Rwanda, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe where there are very literate and up-to-date populations that want to move with the times.

The appetite for education is unquestionable and the need for resources is undoubted.
With more investment in ICT, e-learning will one day become a basic right and not a luxury.

Its time to take up the opportunity and embrace the technology of the future.


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Saturday, 21 July 2012

[From: itai Bryan] Juventus say emotional farewell to their beloved Alessandro Del Piero

itai Bryan spotted this on the guardian.co.uk site and thought you should see it.

To see this story with its related links on the guardian.co.uk site, go to http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/blog/2012/may/14/juventus-alessandro-del-piero-farewell

Juventus say emotional farewell to their beloved Alessandro Del Piero

Juventus fans wave tearful goodbye to the forward who has given 19 years of service to the new ? and unbeaten ? Serie A champions

Paolo Bandini
Monday May 14 2012


It might just have been the longest substitution of all-time. There were 57 minutes on the clock when the board went up showing No10 at Juventus Stadium, calling time on Alessandro Del Piero's last home appearance for the Bianconeri. Approximately 60 seconds later, after turning to bow to the supporters in each stand, Del Piero reached the sideline, to be replaced by Simone Pepe. But it would be at least a quarter of an hour before anyone remembered there was a match in progress.

Del Piero had been congratulated individually by every one of his team-mates on his way off the field, but now Juventus's fans wanted the same opportunity. At first he walked over to take his place on the bench, stopping to sign one young fan's autograph as he went, but no sooner had he sat down than the 40,000 in attendance were calling him back to his feet, demanding an encore.

Twice he stood to wave, but quickly it became clear that even this would not be sufficient. And so he descended from the bench and set off on a lap of honour, walking around the edge of the pitch and collecting the scarves which fell at his feet like flowers on the stage of a virtuoso musician. Supporters openly wept as Del Piero fought back his own tears. He would later admit he pretended to tie his shoelace at one point, so we wouldn't see him cry.

Many supporters continued their futile protest against the decision to let their captain leave, begging for one more year, but while this season has shown Del Piero still has the qualities to contribute it is also hard to imagine a more perfect parting. After 19 years which have included lows ? not least the 2006-07 season spent in Serie B ? as well as highs the man whom Gianni Agnelli once nicknamed Il Pinturicchio was bowing out at the very top.

He had given those supporters one last goal to remember him by, fooling everybody as he shaped to fire one way from the edge of the D before crashing the ball into the opposite corner [http://www.101greatgoals.com/gvideos/a-goal-in-his-final-game-alessandro-del-piero-v-atalanta/" title="]. That strike, in the 28th minute, had helped his team to complete their unbeaten league season ? becoming the first-ever Serie A side to do so in a 38-game campaign. Previously Milan had gone unbeaten over 34 games in 1991-92, and Perugia over 30 games (though they failed to win the league) in 1978-79.

Monday's newspapers carried all the statistics you could ever wish to know about a remarkable career. In 19 years, Del Piero has played 704 games for Juventus, enjoying a total of 48,785 minutes on the pitch. He has scored 289 goals, hit the woodwork 68 times and missed 12 penalties. He has won 387 games, drawn 197 and lost 120. He has been shown 50 yellow cards, and just two red.

To an extent all those figures are premature, with the player still set to play a role in the Coppa Italia final against Napoli on Sunday ? as long as he can shake off a knock picked up during a challenge with Riccardo Cazzola in the first minute of the game against Atalanta.

But in any case those numbers feel meaningless. Del Piero's career is not to be expressed in statistics as much as memories ? of the shy but talented teenager who announced his arrival from Padova with a goal against Reggiana back in 1993 [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6XxlKJR-BU" title="], of the young man who marked his father's passing by scoring a beautiful goal against Bari in 2001 [http://ghostgoal.co.uk/2011/01/27/del-piero-bari-vs-juventus-2001/" title="], of the 30-something who finally put all those international disappointments behind him by scoring the second goal in Italy's 2006 World Cup semi-final win over Germany [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=la4xKzK_ISA" title="].

If so many tears were shed for Del Piero on Sunday, it is not for the goals that Juventus will now miss ? though make no mistake, he has been crucial on occasion this season, not least in providing a late winner against Lazio ? but because his departure marks the end of an era, both in the team's history but also fans' lives. "He will always be our captain," said the club's president, Andrea Agnelli, at full-time, but what really hurts is the realisation that cannot be the case.

Similar emotions were being played out on Sunday at San Siro, where fans displayed huge shirt-shaped banners bearing the names and numbers of Alessandro Nesta, Pippo Inzaghi and Gennaro Gattuso [http://twitpic.com/9kx67u" title="], all of whom have almost certainly played their last game for the club. The image of Inzaghi's face, contorted with joy [https://twitter.com/#!/ATempoDiSport/status/201710062048256001/photo/1" title="] as he celebrated his 126th goal for Milan (at a rate of one every 144 minutes) in the second-half of that game said more than words could about what it has meant to him to play, and score for this club.

Inzaghi has been frustrated with how he has been used by Massimiliano Allegri this season, and he ? like Del Piero ? feels he still has something to give. "It's tough to stop with 316 career goals, I have Baggio ahead of me on 318," he said at full-time. "Used in the right way, I can still give a lot in the last half hour of a game ? Maybe I'll copy [Thierry] Henry: I'll go to America and come back for a few months to Milan. I'll speak to Galliani and then we'll see."

Milan would beat Novara 2-1, while Juventus overcame Atalanta 3-1, but in both cases the matches had become almost side-shows to the farewell parties ? with the Rossoneri also saying goodbye to Clarence Seedorf and Mark van Bommel. Juventus's match was technically still ongoing during Del Piero's lap of honour, but nobody was watching. In those minutes it felt as though even the players on the field were aware ? nudging the ball about without any great purpose in a match that had otherwise been perfectly competitive.

There were matches of significance this week ? Lecce's relegation confirmed as they lost at Chievo, while Udinese completed the quite unthinkable achievement of claiming third place. Despite having the sixth-smallest first-team wage bill in Serie A ? roughly one-eighth the size of Milan's, despite selling Alexis S?nchez, Gokhan Inler and Cristian Z?pata in the summer and despite losing key players such as Mauricio Isla to lengthy injuries, they had somehow outstripped Lazio, Internazionale, Napoli, Roma and the rest.

Yet where last season's fourth-place finish was met with unreserved celebrations, here too was a hint of melancholy. Antonio Di Natale is yet to decide whether he will return for another season or retire, as he first threatened to do following last week's win over Genoa, and the manager Francesco Guidolin sparked concern over his future too at full-time. "I need a rest, I am very tired," he said. "I don't know if my health will allow me another season like this one, if I'll even be ready by July."

And so the supporters are left with uncertainty, just as they are over Del Piero's next step. The forward has confirmed his intention to keep playing, noting that "I have my whole life to be a director" and hinting at an interest in English football but adding that he has nothing lined up as yet. "It has been 19 years since I had to worry about transfers," he said. "The only thing I want to underline right now is the relationship that has developed between me and the people here at Juventus over the last 20 years."

Two decades which are now coming to an end. But not before the mother of all celebrations in Turin.

Talking points

? The festivities went on long into the night in Turin, with the team moving on from their Scudetto presentation on the pitch to an open-top bus parade through the city. La Stampa's best guess was that there had been "Maybe 300,000, maybe 400,000" fans in attendance for the latter, the newspaper noting that the authorities had struggled to come up with any sort of estimate.

It is clear, though, that a fight is brewing between the club and the Italian Football Federation, after the parade bus too turned out to have been branded with all the titles Juventus has won, including those which were stripped as a result of the Calciopoli scandal. "The important things today are the celebrations and the emotions," said the federation's president Giancarlo Abete. "But it is clear that the number of Scudetti won by Juventus is 28 ? The third star? If it is the classic one, linked to the number of Scudetti won, then it cannot be added to the shirt."

? One further concern the federation may have after Sunday is over the fitness of Giorgio Chiellini, the Juventus centre-back hobbling off with a thigh injury which will certainly rule him out of the Coppa Italia final but possibly also Italy's Euro 2012 campaign. The defender was included in Cesare Prandelli's provisional 32-man squad for the tournament, but a final 23-man list must be submitted by 29 May.

? It was certainly an interesting squad submitted by Prandelli (you can see the full list here: http://football-italia.net/18774/italy-name-32-players-euro-2012) ? including as it did the Siena forward Mattia Destro, Bologna's Alessandro Diamanti and most notably the Pescara midfielder Marco Verratti, whom many are already hailing as Andrea Pirlo's heir. The one question is whether he has left himself without a natural prima punta to lead the line up front, having overlooked the likes of Alessandro Matri, Daniel Pablo Osvaldo and Giampaolo Pazzini.

? Returning to Serie A, Lazio recovered from a goal down to beat Inter 3-1 and take fourth ? a spot which will secure them automatic qualification to the Europa League group stage unless Napoli defeat Juventus in the Coppa Italia final. In that case they, like Inter, will go into that tournament's preliminary rounds. Either way the Nerazzurri, having finished sixth, will have the earliest start next season, with a third-round qualifier as soon as 2 August. It is expected their team by then could include Ezequiel Lavezzi, the Napoli forward having been whistled and jeered by his own club's fans after their 2-1 win over Siena on account of his reported interest in a move.

? Despite winning, the Lazio manager Edy Reja is not guaranteed to remain with the club next year. The club's director of sport Igli Tare would say only that his future would be decided "in the next few days".

? At the other end, Genoa had Alberto Gilardino and Giuseppe Sculli to thank for the goals which meant they would have stayed up even if Lecce had won. The team's owner, Enrico Preziosi, promptly promised a complete overhaul, saying: "I don't intend to abandon ship, but there is probably a need to change the equipment, and maybe the commander." Because that has worked out so well for him before.

? Of course, the standings could yet change when the verdicts are passed down in the ongoing match-fixing investigations being conducted in Cremona, Bari and Naples. Fifty-two players and 22 clubs ? including Atalanta, Siena and Novara in Serie A ? were charged in the sporting trial as part of the former investigation last week (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/may/09/italian-football-match-fixing-trial). The expectation is that further individuals and clubs will also be implicated, and a criminal trial may also follow. A glum note to finish the season on, but one that must be faced head on for Italian football to move forwards.

Results: Catania 0-2 Udinese, Cesena 2-3 Roma, Chievo 1-0 Lecce, Fiorentina 0-0 Cagliari, Genoa 2-0 Palermo, Juventus 3-1 Atalanta, Lazio 3-1 Inter, Milan 2-1 Novara, Napoli 2-1 Siena, Parma 1-0 Bologna.

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Ebooks: the end of print

Back in the days people would line up in bookshops to buy printed copies of books, newspapers and magazines.

It has become a thing of the past as electronic books take over.
The print may still have a market in Africa and the rest of the developing world but the market are the poor governments trying to secure educational material for the state schools.
The majority of the middle class and working class citizens have joined the rest of the world in downloading or reading books online.
The library are is fast turning cyber as students do more research on the internet.

Newspaper stalls are depleting as demand for printed press is dwindling.
We have entered a new phase in the literary field where journals, articles, academic papers are being uploaded, reviewed and downloaded with so much ease.

It saves on pollution, deforestation and time.

We can say ebooks are eco-friendly and part of the green planet that we envisage.


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Monday, 16 July 2012

Africa: Obama or Romney?

As the presidential debates over the next White House occupant heats up in the States, Africa watches through skeptical lenses.

When Obama became president, Africa had high hopes that ties with America were going to improve.
He made the effort but Africa feels let down by their "son".
Now that he wants a second chance Africa is not decided on whether to dump him or keep him.

Mitt Romney the Republican candidate is unknown in Africa and has no significant contacts with Africa.
He was recently booed by African-Americans in Utah which proves his disconnect with Africa.

Obama was the best candidate for Africa but he didnt live up to expectations.
Romney is not well connected with Africans and may even undo the little that Obama did.

To preserve black pride, africa will be obliged to stick to Obama.
Better still, if given a second chance, Obama may become more adventurous and finally deliver to Africa what was expected of him.

Still Obama.


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Sunday, 15 July 2012

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The EuroZone crisis from an African perspective

Africa has been pointed out as a growing economy as Europe who contribute more than 20% of world trade are struggling.

To the African [Zimbabwean] on the street, the crisis in Europe is but another story in the news.
The ordinary African is not wary of the consequencies of the crisis.
The African governments are feeling the heat especially those that have largely relied on European markets for cocoa, coffee, beef, horticultural products, etc.

The producers watch in awe as their traditional markets dwindle and they are forced to source out new markets and renegotiate agreements.
The African governments, burdened with the responsibility of protecting their farmers, are having a torrid time with the reality of a dwindling European market.

Donor funds for health and education have suddenly been cut and African budgets are ending in deficits as governments are burdened.

The ordinary African is in the dark but the governments can feel the heat.


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Monday, 9 July 2012

Celebrating the internet experience

I first signed up with yahoo.com to have my first email address in 2005.

The account lasted a few months before i jumped to gmail.com and then started a cyber spree.
I signed up with perfspot.com in 2008, then in early 2009 joined netlog.com, facebook.com, badoo.com and opera.com.

In 2010, i joined linkedin.com & twitter.com and also started blogging.
My first blog was with opera then i joined wordpress.com in 2011.
I am now with blogger.com via google+.

I started chatting with mxit.com, had a brief flirtation with nimbuzz, 2go, mig33.
Tumblr has proved unusable and remains unpopular.

Sha.co.zw a zimbabwean version is on a steady rise.
I have relied on umnet.com and mobile9.com for ebooks.

With the internet experience getting better everyday, there is more to look forward to.

Get access to my pictures and more


Ittai Bryan Matthew Nyamawuya-Masan- ga
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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Another one bites the dust

In these modern times progress and change are everyone's aim.
We all endeavour to move to higher places and leave the lower class people behind.

However, the change almost leaves us lonely with no friends or trusted ones but just partners.
we lose those that we love as they move higher and forget us or as they lag behind and we are forced to abandon them.
Its after we have explored the world, all the excitement is gone that we stop and think.

Its then that we realise that we are all that's left.
We left our past behind and now we yearn for it but it would be too late.
Whatever progress we make, however our friends lag behind lets carry them on.

life is better shared with those we love than enjoyed in isolation.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Italy's defeat: dont just judge the scoreline

The game is worth more than the scoreline. It takes someone who has watched the match to testify that the results are not reflective of what actually transpired. In real life people are quick to judge the outcome and never pay attention to the build up.

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