Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Veni ut vitam habeant et abundantius habeant

He came that we may have life and life in it's abundance.
The life that is being talked about is devine life.
A life of satisfaction, hope, faith and love.

Its a life that's not determined by external factors such as
- what do I have,
- what do I know,
- what do I do to survive, or
- whom do I associate with.

Instead, it's a life where the internal factors are more important
- who am I?,
- whom do I want to be?
- how much have I done for God & my neighbours.

Abundant life is when we ask ourselves these questions and still:
be satisfied that we have done good
feel hopeful that we will do even better
have faith in God's promises and keep the promises that we made to others

Abundant life is life above our expectations and expectations of the world.
It's simple life where we obey God and his commands and do duty to our neighbours without expecting rewards.

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