Tuesday, 8 May 2012

'I will' is not 'I am'

There's a big difference between I will do something and I am doing something. Sometimes we are more comfortable with 'I will' simply because it gives us false hopes. Many a times we procrastinate over issues by promising ourselves that someday we will do something. Its the parable of the two sons who were sent into the fields by their father. The one said 'I will' but never went. The other refused but later went. In this capitalist world one is paid not for what they intend to do but for what they are doing or have done. No credit is given to the student who intended to write the assignment but to the one who really did the assignment. What it means is that: lets not hold on to our intentions, dreams, plans, etc for too long. Put the dreams into practical action soon enough and they become reality. Dream big, think big & live big. Live that life that you dream of: see yourself as thus & live thus.

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