Friday, 25 May 2012

Africa: Still got many challenges to overcome

Africa may have made great strides since gaining independence in education, health and stability but a lot still needs to be done.

Africa is yet to unshackle herself from the culture of dictatorship, civil conflicts, corruption and finger-pointing.
As dictatorships fade away slowly but painfully Africans must work to hasten the process and encourage democracy at all levels of society.

Corruption rears its ugly head in all countries and has created few african oligarchs and more impoverished citizens.
The poverty has fuelled the long standing religious, racial and political tensions that turn into all out wars.

Africa has achieved a lot but all that can be reversed if governments and general citizenry do not exercise caution on African issues

Sunday, 20 May 2012

From the World Economic Forum to the G8 Summit

In just a week world economic watchers turned their heads from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Camp David, USA.

The World Economic Forum discussed Africa's potential as the next major economic driver in the world.
Progress was noted in Africa though some cautioned that the wealth wasn't evenly distributed.
The G8 Summit will focus on the EuroZone crisis and rogue regimes like Iran, Syria and so forth.

Whatever the outcome, the two events are still a long way from giving people the much needed hope in a world where the most lucrative market & donor is shrinking at an alarming rate.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Zimbabwea: Politics now a circus

zimbabwean politics is now a clear circus.
There is now a lot of childish bickering and primitive politiking.

The constitution making process is now chaotic.
Nothing that was said during the outreach is being considered.
Parties are fighting to force their own ideologies.

One side wants elections this year yet they are stalling the constitution making process.

The other side said they are not ready for elections and yet they complain that the GNU is not working.

None is making sense and all their rhetoric is idle.
None is ready to walk their talk and its evident none is willing to make things move.
They are content with where they sit and the positions they occupy and the advantages they get from it.

None is sincere

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

DEL PIERO: The end of Italian footballs golden era #delpiero #juventus #inzaghi #gattuso #nesta #acmilan

There is on tribute befitting the Punterechio of Italian football:
Alessandro Del Piero who finally bowed out last Sunday.

We shall forever cherish his contribution to world football.
A real soccer legend indeed.
The Juventus skipper had a blissful career.
He won the Champions League trophy and the Scudetto many times with
his club and also had the glorious moment of winning the 2006 FIFA
World Cup.

Also bowing down were fellow legends Filipo Inzaghi, Genarro Gattuso
and Alessandro Nesta from the AC Milan squad marking an end to Italy's
golden generation.
The irreplacable icons will be forever missed in the Italian line up
and in the Serie A.

Fare the well Del Piero.


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

Friday, 11 May 2012

Forever young #age #birthday #mid-lifecrisis

I want to be forever young.
To remain fit, agile and intelligent.
I want to remain attractive.
To remain hopeful,
to never forget the good past and yet still focus on making a better future.

I want to be forever young

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Veni ut vitam habeant et abundantius habeant

He came that we may have life and life in it's abundance.
The life that is being talked about is devine life.
A life of satisfaction, hope, faith and love.

Its a life that's not determined by external factors such as
- what do I have,
- what do I know,
- what do I do to survive, or
- whom do I associate with.

Instead, it's a life where the internal factors are more important
- who am I?,
- whom do I want to be?
- how much have I done for God & my neighbours.

Abundant life is when we ask ourselves these questions and still:
be satisfied that we have done good
feel hopeful that we will do even better
have faith in God's promises and keep the promises that we made to others

Abundant life is life above our expectations and expectations of the world.
It's simple life where we obey God and his commands and do duty to our neighbours without expecting rewards.

'I will' is not 'I am'

There's a big difference between I will do something and I am doing something. Sometimes we are more comfortable with 'I will' simply because it gives us false hopes. Many a times we procrastinate over issues by promising ourselves that someday we will do something. Its the parable of the two sons who were sent into the fields by their father. The one said 'I will' but never went. The other refused but later went. In this capitalist world one is paid not for what they intend to do but for what they are doing or have done. No credit is given to the student who intended to write the assignment but to the one who really did the assignment. What it means is that: lets not hold on to our intentions, dreams, plans, etc for too long. Put the dreams into practical action soon enough and they become reality. Dream big, think big & live big. Live that life that you dream of: see yourself as thus & live thus.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Its all good

i have embraced a new attitude.
Get rid of my fears, misconceptions and mistrust.
I want to start trusting those that i live with.
I seek to understand those i interact with.
I want to view people as they are and not as i see them.
to be continued...

do away with fears, mistrust and misconceptions

i am learning to do away with my fears and misconceptions.
i want to do away with the deep suspicions that hold me back when i try to move forward
the suspicions have left me isolated and a stranger even when i have parents and siblings.
i want a fear free life

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